"Learning erhu is more than learning the instrument itself. It is also about learning culture, creativity and discipline, as well as, most importantly, cultivating a heart for beautiful music. A good teacher knows how to motivate and encourage the students, and at the same time keep high expectations for students to improve. I organize my lessons to work with different age groups and individuals. My teaching experiences show me that people learn differently, and this is the fun part about teaching. I look for alternative perspectives to explain or demonstrate myself. Overall, a focused mind and an active brain will bring out fully the benefits of the lesson being taught."

- Amely Zhou

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are taught in home studio located in east Markham. These lessons are catered to individual needs and designed for individuals to improve their erhu playing skills in a most effective and efficient way. Private lessons are encouraged for people with special needs or people who are looking to make constant improvements on their playing techniques or skills.

Suggested Practice Time Per Week : 4 - 7 Hours

Group Lessons

Groups Lessons of 2 to 4 are offered for learning collaboratively. This option is suitable for people who are looking to gain more knowledge about the instrument, and at the same time enjoy a friendly learning environment with friends or family. Group lessons are designed to improve basic playing techniques and learn to play collaboratively. The rhythm and basic music theory will be more emphasized in a group setting. This learning environment is most suitable for working or retired people who have a busy daily schedule but wants to play erhu as a hobby.

Suggested Practice Time Per Week : 2 - 5 Hours

Scholarships in Learning Erhu

This program is designed to provide financial support for students who wants to pursue erhu performance as a profession. Available to students under the age of 11, this program requires the student to show promising dedication and commitment to the study of erhu performance. In order to apply to the program, you will have to email amelyzhou@outlook.com to acquire an application for this program.

Suggested Practice Time Per Week : 6 - 12 Hours

Gift For Your Friends and Family

You can purchase a package of Erhu lessons for your loved ones. This lesson package comes in numbers of three, five or ten lessons. The instrument rental is included in the lesson plan. Free Erhu rentals are available to Greater Toronto Area residents only. Each lessons will be taught through zoom or at East Markham home studio and the duration for each lesson is 45 minutes.